Super Surplus Center offers a wide variety of top quality New, Used, Collectable and Antique merchandise at reasonable prices. As you can tell by our product lines, we serve a diverse group of individuals, especially those with a hands-on approach to their hobbies and collecting.

For the Hobbyist and Experimenter:
Tools, Parts, RC, Electronics, Robotics, Test Equipment, Motors, Meters, Relays and other assorted components. Precision Oilers, Lubricants, Needle Bottles, Syringes and Tips.
For the Audiophile:
Vintage Amplifiers, Tuners, Turntables, Vacuum Tubes, Cables, Wire, Speakers, Crossovers, Transformers and Other Audio Related Items.
For the Collector:
Toys, Trains, Diecast Cars & Trucks, Oil Lamps, Kerosene Lanterns, Light Fixtures, Books, Magazine Ads and a wide variety of other Antiques and Collectables.

To search for an item, simply enter a keyword in the search box or click on the appropriate category.

Our inventory is constantly changing and we often have one of a kind or unusual items, so please bookmark this site and check back often.

If you have any comments, questions or inquires, please see our e-mail address on the contact page.

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